Thoughts on Design


At Forward Design Group, we believe beauty and good design is meant for all; not just for a certain few who can afford it.  We save our clients money in remodeling, decorating, and landscaping so that everyone can end up with a product that is coherent and engaging, no matter the particular budget.

We tailor each choice through a synthesis of individual personality, architectural elements, design style, and budget point so that the client gets all that they were hoping for. Regardless of budget, projects are never just another canned product.  Instead, clients get just what they were hoping for – or, excitingly, maybe didn’t expect!

If your project requires architectural design/remodeling, we will give you an honest assessment of your project and give ideas that will be ultimately harmonious with what you have, making only those changes that are necessary and appropriate.

For decorating, we will guide you to the best choices for your interior, based on your style and taste.

And in landscaping, we will work with you on the myriad of choices, while educating you on utilizing xeriscape to yours and the environment’s advantage.

A two-hour consult? The entire project?

At Forward Design Group, we work as long and only as long as your project needs. We are very busy, too!  But more importantly than each other’s time, we respect your budget, spending as little time as necessary for you to have a completed project. We have a history of coming in, spending two hours with a client stuck on certain design aspects, and that’s all that’s required for clients to finish on their own. Conversely, we have worked with clients from the very beginning concepts of a remodel through hanging the last piece of art several years later.

Providing insight that you aren’t finding elsewhere

At Forward Design Group, we are used to working with clients who have worked with architects and designers in the past to get that “mid century” look, and just aren’t getting what they want.  FDG is beyond riding the retro wave.  With us, you are getting over 20-plus years of intensive research and study on the subject, knowledge of current building trends and materials, and expertise to achieve accurate and updated looks right for you. We relish the idea of collaborating with clients’ current designers and architects to give the legitimacy that your project needs.