Design Vendors and the Economy

We are all becoming increasingly accustomed to the current economic climate and what it is doing to independent businesses in the community. Shops are closing up, banks are being bought out, and people are looking to the big box stores even more than before in an effort to stretch their fragile dollars.

And what about your favorite design vendors? The first thing that seems to take a hit when times get a little tough or insecurity sets in about the financial future is what most people think of as discretionary expenditures. Unfortunately, for most people that probably means not spending money on one's environment for now.

But have you taken a moment to consider the impact taking that position might have on your most trusted and favorite design resources? As retailers - second hand or not - they depend on consistent patronage from their customer base. Without them, business comes to a halt and like any of us, no money coming in means drastic change in their lifestyle, and protracted over a period of time, the inability to remain in business.

Take a moment to think about these vendors and perhaps a time a few years ago when you were looking for things for your home. Did you get a generous discount or great personal service? Did you value that vendor then, but maybe just haven't been shopping lately for any of the reasons mentioned above? Consider what might happen if everyone takes that position over a period of time and what the possible outcome might be.

Those vendors need you now so that they, like the rest of us, will ride out this current unprecedented downtime in the economy. Even small purchases, en masse by a customer base, will help that vendor ride out the storm like the rest of us and will be your personal investment so that your favorite store doesn't vanish like so many seem to these days.

Our shops were there for us when times were's up to us to be there for them now that times are not so good.