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Eilenberg, Sedona


Assess a 1966 home by famed Arizona architect, Howard Madole, and provide guidance on removing unsightly add-ons and alterations.  Develop landscape theme, color palette, and restore finish choices.


Unearthing unfortunate add-ons and bringing the home back as close as possible to original intent.  Removing years of domestic plantings and an unsightly fountain, incorrect materials, and funky fixtures.  All choices and demo work occurred on several weekend trips to Sedona.

Client Testimonial

Bryan is fast on his feet. We have collaborated on several projects, including functional room remodels and landscape
projects. I had complete confidence that he could direct a complete home remodel, and we got the chance to see him at work on a mid-century modern fixer in Sedona, Arizona. Over a long weekend, he and a pry bar found some hidden wonders, redirected an awkward flow, was a phenomenal 
colorist, redirected the landscape and essentially sent us on a solid direction for the next year.

He communicated well with our contractor and subs, speaking
their language, and was very available for emergency consultation. Bryan was resourceful in finding period-appropriate solutions while being aware and sensitive to
modern conveniences. The results are spectacular with no missteps.

He was very cost effective. I know that, even with more time and money, the project would not
have turned out as well without his valuable insight. If this was not enough, Bryan has been a valuable consultant with regard to art and furnishings, again with an eye towards
value, comfort and fit. In a world with some many interior desecrators out there, he established a personalized, authentic vibe without the obvious tricks and trappings that are
all too common out there. We have a one-off house with a one-off environment.

Perhaps as challenging as the home remodel was reclaiming the landscape, which was a mishmosh
of inappropriate plantings, fences, terraces, trellises, doodads and other homeowner "improvements." Bryan had the difficult task of bringing it back, to making it look untouched and
original (like the national park next door). While this sounds easy, it was not. The yard is now effortless and flows with the surrounding natural beauty.

Steve Eilenberg, Owner